Saturday, May 7, 2011

Taking Pride!

Pride Club v1.0 from 2009, based on bits of "prim doodles" I had laying about.

After Friday's Nakie Party on the Isle of Lesbos to celebrate the region's 5th anniversary, I started plans to dismantle the Pride Club, a build that I set up and modify for special events and last set up at the end of April (as seen in the blog post here). The club was first constructed in 2009 as part of a collection of rez-on-demand clubs for the Isle, along with a grunge/rave design, an outer space setting, a beach boardwalk, and other layouts by Threshin Barnett and myself. When the club system was revamped the Pride Club was modified, giving it a water aspect that has remained in all subsequent renditions. Since then it has been used in various forms again and again, trimmed and adjusted to purpose but remaining essentially the same. Well, the mods were so extensive last October that I gave up calling it the Pride Club for that use, but that was a rarity.

She's back again to compliment our regular venue (which is often specially decorated for each event) and will stick around for a while. Threshin asked the crowd at Friday's party if this club should stay or if the previous structure (a nice, dock-like affair) should come back and everyone said "Keep the Pride!" So I stripped out the terraced hot tub and changed the cafe area to focus on a seawater wading area to save prims. Adding the statue was rather contrary to the prim-saving goal, but hopefully no one will notice ... *giggle*

Pride Club v8.372 ... or something like that ... May 2011.

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