Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SL8B Hopes part 4

Today's progress  included revamping the entrance and adding a bar.
I spent most of yesterday and today in Real Life but I was able to get in some building time today and the pic above is the result. Still trying to get the essence of the Pride Club on Lesbos, I changed the "entrance" side so I could add a bar/lounge area and accommodate wading in the water (behind the bar). Since the space is limited, though, I moved the couch from inside the dance area to the lounge. Then I went crazy. I was never that happy with the bar at the Pride Club, having built better ones since the original. So I raided ideas from the Teeny Bikini Bar (pictured below) on the Lesbos north beach and built new Pride Club bar. Pleased with this I put a copy at the original, waved my magic hooves so everyone would think it always looked like that, and went on my merry way. The new version is rather primmy, much to my dismay, and brings the build to well over the 234-prim limit of the parcel.

I have to save some prims, though, as I've arranged to have a couples dance ball on site and I'd like to add some Linden Plants. But I have a plan. The 21-prim trees (each!) at the back of the dance area can be replaced by Linden trees for a big savings. Or I could just buy some nice, lower prim trees (and then update the ones at the "real" Pride Club, too) to create a fudge factor.

The rainbowy portraits to the right are in the style of what I'd like to do, and are only two prims each, but for effect I might change the frame, raising the prim count by one per picture. The design I'd love to use would make each picture about five prims. But I have a studio built for the portraits and bought six new couples animations. If I win a parcel  (please, please, please let me get a parcel) then I'm ready to shoot the pix.

One of my favorite builds ever, the Teeny Bikini Bar. With the exception of about 6 prims from a pre-fab I bought, this is all original, right down to the custom textures and scripts. This was almost the basis for my SL8B build since I like it so much.

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