Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, CC!

It's my brother's RL birthday today ... he's OLD! But I have to be nice if I'm going to get some Dairy Queen ice cream cake so I thought I'd post some pix of his better side, CC Columbo in Second Life.

When I came to the Main Grid, CC was usually orange for some reason. He's on some land in Nangrim right on the sim edge. See the gray ground? It is really green. Read more about that in this post here.
He still uses this home sometimes. On the mantle from left to right are pictures of him and Kayla, a neighbor in Nangrim, and a picture of his RL daughter, Lydia Rose. She's the reason behind the Memorial Park and one of the reasons we are both in SL.
For Christmas one year I got him a nice female shape and skin as a joke. He's been changing and hiding his password pretty regularly since then. This also shows my taste in women. Oh! I need therapy.
Like me, he has many avies, but he is a hyena more often than not. Behind him is a memorial to his daughter. He always has one out somewhere in SL at any given time. I miss my niece, too.
Lately CC is an elf. I helped kit him out one day. Shopping in-world with my brother is a lot like shopping with him IRL ... we both want it to end fast. But he's pretty buff, if I do say so myself. He wanted to look his RL age and size, but I nixed that, partly on the grounds that it is hard to make an old-looking, hefty avie in SL. Clothes, attachments, and AOs seem to be all geared to the young.
Happy Birthday, CC! You are the Bestest Big Brother a girl could have. Just don't tell my other big brothers I said that, okay? Huggs!!

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Dusty said...

..and there was ANOTHER old guy next door in Narngrim, who remembers little sis coming over to visit. Happy Birthday and many more, CC!