Sunday, May 29, 2011

What's in My Closet: Merwear

For a little while now I've been role playing a mermaid in the fabulously gorgeous Mystara regions (SLurl), my character growing in her story and now in her wardrobe. She started off as a poor castoff from her home shoal, her only clothing self-made shells for modesty and a rope belt to carry things (her land form, since sirens can transform, will be covered in a later post, maybe).

A simple outfit for a cash-poor mermaid. I made the shell bra and the rope belt is from a BINA Summer Kirtle outfit (SLurl).
Since some time has passed she's been able to acquire more cloth to replace the shells and fashion a new style belt.
More cloth this time also means fewer sculpty rezzing issues. This is most of a BINA Tende Cloth outfit.
Accents from elsewhere in my closet round out the ensemble but of note is the tail, a modified freebie from Deeplight (SLurl). I love the wet/dry hair from Sirena (SLurl).

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