Saturday, May 14, 2011

SL8B Hopes part 3

You can't see the Observation Deck in this view.
This picture from yesterday is basically what my SL8B build looks like so far. The water, grass along the sidewalk, and the sidewalk are all temporary. If I get  a parcel it will be a pond like last year's build and the "club" will float in it. The portraits you see are just placeholders. I hope to have six to 12 couples portraits in their place (1 per side if I can get 12 or 1 per frame with pix of the Isle on the opposite ... still deciding). I won't start that until I get word if I win a parcel or not. I'm thinking a couch or a bar for the empty area on the right. Maybe a bar as that is a swing in the back, center. Up top is a nice, logo-festooned observation deck that folks will be able to use for panoramic views of the birthday builds.

The Lesbos@SL8B logo might change.

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