Monday, July 30, 2012

Bay City: Hippo Food Challenge

Pop into the Hairy Hippo Funland (SLurl) for some new fun, the Hippo's Food Challenge!

Click the sign you see in the pic above (not now … when you get to the amusement park in-world, silly) and you'll receive a HUD and a note card:
When you're at Hairy Hippo Fun Land, wear the HUD you got with this notecard.
Find some food at the HHFL and 'wear' it to eat it. Watch your HUD, it will tell you if this is a unique food or not, and how many more you need to win.
If your gluttony catches up with you, find a restroom quickly! There's at least one on each sim.
The LDPW Moles have really stepped up on this one!!

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