Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sometimes I wonder ...

A recent move to Bay City, some land swaps in Nangrim, the constant desire to have a higher prim limit, and finding a nice little cottage for public use all coalesced into the thought ... Sometimes I wonder why I own land in Second Life. When I came to the Main Grid I was given 16 square meters of land from my brother and gradually earned more by doing things for a shop he owned at the time. Then I plowed money into my own land and between the two of us we had 3/4 of a whole region to ourselves.

But there were times over the last six years that I was "homeless," not owning land or having an actual structure like a house, instead simply logging in and out only at the Isle of Lesbos. Does an avatar really need shelter? What little fake rain occurs isn't damaging. We carry our wardrobes with us. Sex beds are everywhere. And there are plenty of public structures to use (and private ones, but that's another story). Look at what I found when map-hopping around Bay City ... A gingerbread cottage in Luna Shores (SLurl).

Built by a coalition of LDPW Moles, this little cottage is nestled away where very few people would ever find it. About Land shows traffic at 768 avatars. Not many at all despite being adjacent to a public sandbox.

The interior is adorable. Perfect for a "homeless" squatter to use as their own or for someone that wants to do a rustic-themed role play ... or other RP (look behind those green hospital screens to the right).

There are surprises inside and out. Always look around an LDPW build to see a Mole's sense of humor. 
I really do love my homes. The magic of Second Life means I can make them anything that I want them to be and at any time. But if I went homeless again, more SL magic means that I could actually live almost anywhere and still feel at home.

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