Friday, July 27, 2012

Scripting is a Mystery

Sure, I can bang prims together. And I understand the basics of how sculpted prims work well enough that I've been able to make crude ones from scratch. Mesh is mostly a mystery to me, but its not alone. Scripting in Second Life is an original mystery. I can tinker with some existing scripts but creating one from scratch is beyond me.

So I was pleased when somehow I ran across a Second Life script archive at Wizardry and Steamworks (Web). Check it out sometime. I found a script to make bubble gum, a jokey profile generator, a nice DJ song request tool, among other nifty items. Some are very basic and common, like a visitor greeter script and a couple others have been put into prims for you and are available at Kira Komarov's SL Marketplace shop (Web).

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