Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beyond 4D

The other day I visited the stunning LEA exhibit * C i c a * by Cica Ghost (SLurl) and took some snaps for My SL photo feed (Web and below) and I plan on going back very, very soon. Today, however, I was similarly stunned – if not more so – by the comic strip xkcd (Web), another stick figure art piece that is at turns wickedly funny and deeply thoughtful but always amusing. LIke Cica's art piece, xkcd is interactive and something you can spend quite a bit of time with exploring. My brother called it "magical" and it truly is so.

I wore my solid black "low lag" avatar to blend in, but Angela couldn't help but be colorful.

Go see this comic and be sure to click and drag the image. Have snacks near by as you'll be a while.
Also, check out Honour McMillan's post about  * C i c a * here.

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