Saturday, September 29, 2012

Everyone is Doing It

Not too long ago my friend Marianne McCann posted a lovely pic of a more-than-lovely boat, the MLCC Loonetta 31 (Web), on her MySL feed and many since then thus making quite a few folks rather jealous. At that time I had been in the market for a boat for a while, eyeing a sporty speedboat with classic wood everywhere. At L$3500 the Loonetta cost the same, though, and managed to to be even more detailed with quite a number of wonderful features, so I had to splurge.

Yes, I gave up wake boarding and water skiing on the speedboat for a slower sailing craft, but this unit is far more complete, right down to a galley and that little room you need after eating greasy food on a rocking boat (with his and hers poses!).

I see quite a few of these boats around now with at least two people on my Friends list owning one so thank goodness that it can be customized via menus right out of the box. Actually, it is not boxed. And you have to get an operator's manual from the boat itself. But it is easily customized. And the base textures are included should I get the urge to make my own. I'm thinking a nice green and teakwood.


Threshin Barnett said...

Can I haz that boat in rl, please? lol hugs, lass

Uccello Poultry said...

I would if I could, Sis. But you can ride with me in SL anytime. Love you! Hugz.

Katta said...

Love it :)