Sunday, September 2, 2012

Best of MySL Last Week

There is still no way that I can find to directly import pictures from the My Second Life feeds to a blog, though it was pointed out that the Firefox viewer can send snaps to Flickr (too bad Firefox progressively slows for me and becomes unusable). And I did start a dialogue with Torley Linden about making the feeds more accessible. It seems that development on this nifty Web resource has stopped, but The Lab hasn't altogether abandoned maintenance. So that being said, here in no particular order are the best pix from my particular feed ...

Yes, I posted this shot on this blog before, but it still works. The Lab has new premium account gift, this dune buggy, and four new regions in which you can to race it around. Of course, the rez zones mean you can also take out other things. I sorted some inventory and flew around a jet plane at one point (from MySL here).

I was convalescing from bruised ribs and general soreness so I got to watch my brother build a lot. He had this thing about hotels and office buildings going on so when I had some time in-world I thought I'd try my hand at it (from MySL here).

Angela took me for a drive eastward on Route 1 and up Park Way (this picture) this week. She loves the car she won while grabbing the Miss Bay City title recently. The car handles great though it had some trouble going up hills. Any drive along Mainland roads is fun and I recommend it to anyone (from MySL here).

This is me thanking Angela for a wonderful evening drive. She's snuggly and comfy and kisses nice (from MySL here).

Most of my building this week has focused on making a filling station. Right now my brother is talking about replacing the greenhouse/shop in Bay City with this, provided I can keep it within prim limits. Then he wants to sell sodas, snacks, and generally have fun with role play. Of my three brothers, CC is the only one who doesn't work on cars for fun or for a living in real life so maybe this is his way to carry on the family tradition (from MySL here).

Angela and I getting comfy for the last of the weekly fireworks at Livingtree this year. G-rated sim so I can understand the lack of cuddle poses, but my wife and I cuddled in IM as we watched the show. Notice how much she loves her Miss Bay City sash? She almost never takes it off. Almost never. Really (from MySL here).

Marianne McCann is the fireworks goddess and no matter how you look, the show is always amazing. If you look close, you'll find Mari dancing away on the roof in her Nomex® skirt (from MySL here).

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