Friday, August 31, 2012

Life On The Road

The day was winding down and I'd been riding my bike along this cobblestone road far too long. Fortunately, a truck stop appeared just when I needed the rest. Time to fill my tank and my bike's, too. It might also be good to grab some rack time before heading up Route 1 any further.

The prices at the pump are high even for this economy but if I don't put some prims in the tank I won't be going anywhere. By the looks of things, this area is pretty sketchy. Of all the lag joints in all the world, why did I have to ride through this one?


The shop is pretty sparse on road trip supplies – not that I can carry much on the bike, but still – and the magazine selection is very limited for a typical truck stop. Still, I should grab one to keep me occupied later when I get a room for the night. Maybe some toiletries, too. I'll have to ask the clerk why this text won't let me left-justify it, too. Like I said, sketchy.

Taking a pass on the Chili Con Molé, I opted instead for a a mystery prim sandwich and a banana shake. Typical diner fare, I suppose, as bland as the decor. Just some prim slapped between two prims and nothing fancy, but filling nonetheless. The shake was surprisingly good and I got another to take back to the room.

The room *sigh* The TV was broken, no better than just a blank prim. The bathroom. I won't – can't – think about it. And the bed was stiff as a prim. As tired as I was, though, I would have curled up with my milkshake and magazine if there had been curtains. When you ride a bike like mine with just a leather vest and no shirt underneath (yes, go look at the 2nd picture again ... like you haven't already) a girl can't claim to be too modest, but this is beyond the pale.

So tossing the keys back to the clerk and grabbing my refund, I headed back out to the long and lonely road, prepared to ride through the night. I hear that along the way there is a nice town called Bay City where a girl can return to traditional values, a wholesome lifestyle, and the sort of morals my father would have wanted for me. I'll have to get a map somewhere so I can steer well clear of that place, but this "Zindra" that I've heard of ...

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Pit's Truck Stop (SLurl) is a nice, basic LDPW build along Route 1 on the Mainland. It shows some of the typical Mole cheek we've come to expect from our fuzzy friends. I wish The Lab would do a better job of promoting their infrastructure. "If you build it, they will come" is a movie tag line, not an effective marketing strategy.

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