Monday, August 27, 2012

Time to Think

A recent real life mishap gave me time this last week to lay in bed or on the couch, comforted by pillows, some pretty good pain killers, and a few bargain books. During that time I was able to pop into Second Life at times or sit and watch my brother log into SL often and build things in-world (as he needed to stay at home and assume some of my responsibilities he also got some leisure time).

Fortunately I was able to attend Marianne McCann's weekly fireworks party, a Summertime tradition.
All-in-all I started to wonder what I should do in-world now that the Isle of Lesbos is gone. Basically, I used to build things, landscape, and be somewhat helpful. In Bay City I have a shop to fill with wonderful horticultural creations (at my brother's suggestion – he put in a greenhouse/shop) but that doesn't strike me as something I wish to do right now and it would take more of a cash investment than I have at the time. More importantly, I can't think of what I could do that would be different from the hundreds (thousands?) of other green thumbs in Our World. Maybe another gardner isn't needed. But what can I do in-world that is unique enough to fill a needy niche?

I spent a fair amount of time at Hot Bay City Nights, a charity auto show, car wash, and gathering. Sometime today it was announced that the total amount raised was just over L$40,000 for Child's Play (Web).
I'd like to find a way to fit into Bay City, the mostly-planned mainland community with a late-mid-century American theme (give or take, more or less, you know how things in SL are, huh?). Yes, the garden shop could fit, but .. meh. I just am not cut out for retail. But what things are needed? There's a TV station that appears in Ever Dreamscape's MySL feed. Marianne McCann does a wonderful job keeping things organized. Several entrepreneurs have restaurants, bars, and other businesses.

So what skills do I have?

Dune buggy driving? No. Dune buggy crashing? Yes.
Basic building skills? Yes. I can bang prims together and make decent textures. Not sculpties or mesh, mind you, unless they come in kits. Five years ago I could have been a minor goddess with these skills, but not today.

Organizing? I suppose I could organize things, but I have to admit I don't enjoy parties or events in SL. I prefer sitting around rather than watch a script make my avatar move in ways my real life body is not certified to mimic.

Writing? Hopefully I write well enough that you have made it to this point without injury, otherwise I must either congratulate you on your tolerance or wonder what sort of judge would provide reading my blog as alternative sentencing.

Sitting around on tropical beaches and looking at pretty women? Probably my best skill at this point so I guess that settles the matter. Surf's up! See you in the sand.

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