Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best of MySL This Week

For a while now I've thought about a weekly post on this blog about my other "blog," the My Second Life (AKA MySL; Web) snapshot feed. Since there is no way that I know of to integrate the feed into any blog and one needs to log into the Second Life sites to see any feed, then manually posting some of the pix  might be the solution. So, in no particular order, here we go ...

I bought a few outfits at the retro style shop Artileri and this hair style. Yes, I'm wearing pink. Angela picked it out. But I'm not giving up my non-retro ePad. At least not until I can find a way to bring my actual iPad into Second Life. I'd love to be able to curl up on the couch in our house or on a nice beach and read or play games.

This is a project I've started, a gasoline station pattered roughly along the lines of the toy in the picture. The windows and doors are sculpties. Not happy with the front door proportions or those of the door inside between the waiting area/shop and the garage bay. Not pictured is a custom-made sculpted car lift. Not sure what to do for pumps yet. I found a really nice one in the Google Sketchup library, but to import it to SL would be some L$174 with a Land Impact of 17 prims. I'm in no hurry.

Snuggle kissin' at home with Angela. InstaWIN ever time.

Hot Bay City Nights (HBCN) started last week (see here). Ever Dreamscape, Pygar Bu, and Marianne McCann went overboard, as usual, but someone left the beer truck unattended. I had to sit there for hours to keep the kids away. It didn't occur to me to take the beer home ... for safe keeping.

The car wash was lots of fun at HBCN. We actually had a couple cars other than this late model Pachyderm. Since it was a G-Rated sim I had a bikini top on under my wet shirt. We got one tip that I saw, but I bet more skin might have helped. At least I got a "nice ass!" compliment. Since there were no donkeys around, I assumed he meant me.

A highlight of Saturday at HBCN was a bikini contest. A few of the entrants kept to a vintage theme and a few got really silly. I hope everyone had a good time. I was one of the judges. Pygar Bu did a great job as Master of Ceremonies.

My Angela was the winner. Since I scored most of the contestants pretty close I'm happy to think that the other judges picked my girl. That is a really, really retro outfit I found for her and she did great accessorizing with period hair and skin. that pink automobile behind her was the grand prize for becoming Miss Bay City.

Pretty busy week overall. I have no big plans for the coming week. Maybe I'll work on the garage a bit. It still needs an interior and a gas pump area. Maybe I'll just lay around and figure out how to import my iPad.

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