Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where's Uccie?

Mostly laying down since becoming one big bruise after heroically catching my mother as she fell. Taped up and drugged up (Dilauded is almost as good as morphine). Even the iPad is too heavy hold sometimes. Until I can blog lots again you might not hear from me much, but I am alive. And I'm looking at changing my blog to WordPress if I can figure out how it works. Until I'm back, here's a funny picture:

For about a week, Angela's wolf-pet Shadow would leap to my side anytime I was in the same region, even if I was in a canal on a boat. A very miraculous wolf, to be sure. We solved the problem without neutering either of us.


Threshin Barnett said...

I am glad you caught her, lass. Much hugs for the hero bit. Have you decided on a cape yet? Maybe something green? Oh, and no more bruises. They are very bad for you; not to mention painful. Love you, lass :) hugs

Uccello Poultry said...

No, capes just get caught in the bad guy's jet engines or something. But I am thinking low-cut spandex to show off my ... erm ... super powers.