Monday, October 1, 2012

Just What I Needed

Just what I needed, another avatar. But after not being too happy with Luskwood's July update to their domestic kitty avatar (Web), I figured I should go shopping. But I waited. And waited. And spent money on a gosh-awful-but-worth-it boat (Web). But after watching the video that I featured on this blog late last month (Web), I decided to find the furry striped cat avatar in the video. So here she is ...

My friends at the Lucky Kitty Crew (Web) helped me track it down. Apparently, what you see is really a chinchilla by Uchi Desmoulins of Curious Avatars (SLurl). Yep. Not a cat. Until you apply the mod kit created by Puppy Resident (mod kit & original avatar available at SLurl). I just had to apply some textures, swap out some bits, find some hair and clothes, then tah-daaaahhh! I'm a Maine Coon Cat!!

Which is pretty good as I live in Maine and I like cats (two sleep with me every night). I set the eye color to match those of my RL cats (Web) plus the coloring I picked has shades of what my RL cats have, too. But in this pic I'm not wearing the glasses I adapted so you can be sure to see the beautiful eyes. Pretty good chance that if my wife is not in-world, I'll be wearing this avatar. *thrusts her paws in the air and shouts "I'm adorable!!"*


Threshin Barnett said...

Yes, you are, lass :D hugs lov eyou

xi said...

Adorable does not begin to describe