Saturday, October 13, 2012

Manard's House

Year 'round you can pass old Manard's House in Bay City - Dennis (SLurl) and see just a run-down old farm house. Sure, it looks a little spooky, but it is really harmless. But when you see pumpkins in the yard, run! That's a sign that some special guests take up residence through Halloween, making strange noises and causing strange things to happen. If you sneak in at the right time, however, you can grab a gift and get out quick!

/me giggles

Well, that's the back story. Readers of this blog know that every year I'd build something special for the holiday at the Isle of Lesbos. Of course, this year there is no Lesbos sim so I moped about with an inventory full of stuff that I had been gathering for this year's build. Then I ran across a sweet rental near my home and I had to go for it. Its not big and its not super elaborate, but there's a lot of heart in it. So come on down and have some fun. Just don't sit on the pumpkin trees – they'll eat you up! Come November, the house is gone and I'll sit around figuring what I can do for next year.