Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Poultry '12 - Choice

Recently I've been spending quite a bit more time as a Furry Maine Coon Cat, an adorable avatar that really suits who I am. But I'm also very much myself when I'm in my human form. That's why with this election season upon us I'm going to give YOU, Dear Reader, the choice. Vote in Comments for Uccello the Furry (the candidate on the left) or Uccello the Human (the candidate on the right). The winner will reign for as my primary avatar for the next four years or until whenever something comes up. (Chicago residents may vote only once each, even the dead ones. All taxes, gratuities, liabilities, and subsequent fees are probably bogus. The management of this establishment is not responsible. Quando omni flunkus, moritati.)

Furry Uccello promises to "... bring Kyoot to life ebery day! Ebery day will be like Caturday!! Two noms in every pot and belly rubz for eberyone!" While she acknowledges that the Furry community is often discriminated against, she promises that there is no place for enmity in her furrin' relations policy. "We're all people under the mesh," she says. "My wife is a human, you know, though sometimes she's a wolfer and every now and then a ferret. But I love her in any form and I respect whatever form you choose, too."

Human Uccello is also no stranger to changing forms. You'll often see her as a sea dragon in the Blake Sea or soaring over forests as a bird, but basically she's modeled her avatar to look like her Real Life self. "In the end," she says, "we are who we are. I may often wear animal ears and tails like Halloween is every day, but I'm still a simple Irish girl ... pale, freckled, and very ginger." As for what she would like to accomplish during her administration, Uccello the Human had little comment. "I've been pushed by my advisors to 'put the sex back in sexy' but rubbing pixels isn't everything. Basically, I want to build things and participate in the Bay City community as well as the Second Life community as a whole."

There's the basics so the campaign has begun. This blog is negotiating with both camps to set up a debate, arrange appearances, and canvas The Grid. But you can vote now, if you want. Just go to Comments below and choose a candidate. Too soon for you? Leave questions for the candidates to answer. Preferably questions they can answer. Nothing like "What's the covalence of the fermium isotope?" because its clear from just that sentence that they have no clue about chemist trees. So hit up the Comments and let's get this campaign underway.


Jennifer Chapman said...

I vote non of the above

Uccello Poultry said...

@Jennifer Awwww. I guess I'll have to look in my closet for other avatars if yours is the winning vote.

Uccello Poultry said...

Kenny voted for Furry Uccello at https://my.secondlife.com/uccello.poultry/snapshots/50874457853e366dcf000001

Honour McMillan said...

I'd vote for all your furries :p

Threshin Barnett said...

I vote for happy Uccello *hugs you*