Friday, October 26, 2012

Spooky Spots

The other day the LDPW Moles began making the streets of Bay City and other Linden-owned spots all spooky with ghosts, pumpkins that wander about, fresh graves, and more. Here's a sampling of what you can find:

The Bay City Fairground has a Hay Maze (SLurl) constructed by Marianne McCann and the Moles (I got to help a bit). If you survive your trip to the center, click the coffin there for a gift. Click again for a second, possibly different gift. A third click ... you get the idea.

The Channel Island Asylum (SLurl) is creepy year 'round but it takes on extra "atmosphere" at this time of year. Watch out for the nurses, the doctors, and the ... oh, I shouldn't spoil it all for you. Like all Linden-owned parcels, be sure to use the World > Sun > Use Region Settings menu option for the spookiest atmosphere!

Another year 'round spooky spot is the Falmouth Hotel (SLurl), but during this season the creepies really set in as people creep around in costume. Don't let the driveway fountain that sometimes runs red with blood deter you. Step on in. The residents sometimes give gifts. And like the Hotel California celebrated in song and legend, you can check in but ...

Lots of Bay City residents have decorated for the holiday but the Manard House (SLurl) simply manifests. You won't see it at other times of the year, just Halloween. Sometimes the owners aren't home and sometimes they are ... right behind you. Look for the gift as you explore the rooms and the convenient near by door to escape through.

A couple blocks away is the resident-owned The R Pub (SLurl), a friendly neighborhood bar that has been spooktacularly decorated for the holiday. Drop in any time for a drink, a dance, and a demonically good time. You'll often find people there later in the night drinking spirits and talking to them, too.

Hairy Hippo Funland (SLurl) was probably the first place to be hit by the Moles in the Halloween decorating spree. Either that or the hippos have spontaneously grown pumpkin bodies. Enjoy the rides, try the games, and take up the food challenge (yes, you'll need a toilet in Second Life for that one). Just watch out for the ghosts.

The Moles have decorated several of the Bay City streets, but they've also run amuck outside the city limits. Check out the Georgean Test Track (SLurl). Rez your own car, bike, skateboard, or whatever and drive like a manic. Just be careful you don't earn your own grave there. If you look about you'll find there is a great off-road leg of the track that is really awesome for hover boards (normally there is a free hover board giver there, but I think the ghosts ate it).

Of course, it's all fun until you lose a an eye or something. My poor brother (CC Poultry) was in the Manard House when this happened ...

Poor guy, but at least it was a cat, albeit a mutant one, to burst through his belly. It could have been worse. It could have been ... well, that really was pretty bad.

If you have a Halloween site you'd like to publicize, post an SLurl and a description in the comments here. Happy Halloween everyone!


Ami Tamura said...

Arkhamville - Similar to Octoberville:

Silent Halloween Sim - Trick-or-Treat neighborhood with a graveyard and a haunted house at the end of the street:

Haunted House Ride for Tiny Avatars:

Pumpkin Town:

Uccello Poultry said...

@Ami Thanks. Great recommendations :) Here's the one you just told me in Lucky Kitty chat ...

Ueno Shinrei Hospital

Ami Tamura said...

Here is another haunted house - The Haunting @ Cute Poison: