Saturday, October 20, 2012

A MySL Sampler

Recently, digital artist and genius kid Loki Eliot wrote on his blog about the My Second Life micro-blog feeds, particularly how he uses it for his business as well as general posts and how he thinks the idea is missing its potential. I whole heartedly agree that MySL could be more, but as I pointed out in a comment on his post, The Lab doesn't really support the feature any more. But we can still use it and fairly well despite inherent limitations. Lately I've had to spend more time in Real Life so I use MySL rather heavily to maximize my time in-world and minimize my writing time for this blog. If you haven't been following me on MySL, here is a sampling of what you've missed recently:

This pic was from a series I shot at the Pouloco gas station in Bay City - Dennis (SLurl) and was sort of an in-FAUX-mercial for the business. It was cute. Well, it still is. Check it out on MySL feed with the other pix.

It seems that lately quite a few folks have discovered or rediscovered the hidden keyboard shortcuts you can use to adjust the view angle of your camera rather than leap into Move & View preferences for the same and they've been posting pix on their MySL feeds to play with the effect. Simply press Ctrl-8 for a wide angle lens effect or Ctrl-0 for a telephoto effect. Ctrl-9 resets the "lens" to the standard view. As you can see above, the telephoto effect foreshortens the camera's perspective. Check out this Web site for more information on lens focal lengths.

Like many, I often use MySL for photo essays. This pic was part of my trip to the Bay City Aquarium in Oak Bay (SLurl) a couple days ago. I survived, you can guess, but it was a harrowing experience for a kitty. I may never eat calimari again.

Another photo essay was of a visit to Pyri Funfair (SLurl), a great place to take a date to for Halloween. Make sure you have plenty of time, though, because once you start the Tunnel of Love ride, you could be a while. MySL is a great way to learn about places like Pyri. Think of it as a travel guide.

Second Life is a huge place and using MySL to explore it can help lead you to things you've never seen, experiences you've never had, and people you might otherwise have never met. Like here I am in a Linden office, stealin' some comfies from a comfy chair while I enjoy a sunrise on a land that few see (SLurl).
My last picture is from what I was doing while writing this blog post, sitting in a beautiful space and sharing it via MySL with everyone who wants to take a peek. Are you using MySL? Leave a comment with the URL or at least your name as I'd love to take a look into your world.

Forest Floor (SLurl) is one of the most beautiful landscapes in all Second Life. A good place to sit and write.

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