Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogger Challenge: Opposites!

Adorkable Peapod challenged the Second Life blogging community to post something totally unlike what they might normally post, or "Opposite Day" as Tateru Nino dubbed her post. So here goes, my Real Life ...

I love Caturdays. Once a week I put on my Real Life neko bits — fuzzy ears and a long, swishy tail — and lavish my cats with lots of extra pattings, ear scratches, and immediate attention to all their wishes.

The brother and sister duo of Angus and Magdaline
AKA Boy Cat and Squirrel Pants
Angus and Maggie would probably rather sleep on Caturdays, after the 6am breakfast, of course. Each morning between 5:30 AM and 6:30AM Boy Cat will start our days crying for food and attention and each morning we ignore him as long as possible, but not on Caturdays. I get up right away and feed him then lope back to bed with my newly donned neko bits. Eventually the kitties pile on me as they do every morning but on Caturdays I stay awake for a bit to make sure they get all the belly rubs they can handle before they go back to sleep.

Some of you might ask, "What kinds of cats are they?" and I'd reply "irritants, but lovable ones." The real answer is that they are the Ragdoll breed, but unlike what you might read, these cats do shed, they don't like to be combed, and being held is not a favorite activity. But they are bunny-soft and a joy to pet.

So there's a portion of my Real Life, or as I call it, the graphically rich MMO with way too much drama. Later today I might write another post about my preferred life in SL, but for now I have to go snuggle with some kitties as writing this made me miss them.

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