Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Zyx's Road Trip: Day One

Finally, a couple days after she set out, Zyx Flux, my wee pixy friend, sent a report about the first day of her road trip. Here is her report:

The Day One Route

The Starting Point
What a boring job this is turning out to be! I started on Route 9 in Juho (SLurl), the road nearest my home in Nangrim (at the Lydia Rose Memorial Park; SLurl) and headed East, stopping in Chindo (SLurl) when I decided all the interesting things in Second Life must be far from where I was.

At first I was fairly excited to see that the Prim Docker store and Harry Prefect's Textures are so close to my home as I've shopped at both. I get that surprise a lot because I usually try to see how close I am to home when I find myself at a shop on the mainland, and if it is a reasonable distance, I'll fly home so I can see the sights along the way.

For this trip the last interesting bit came early, shortly after entering Sokri and just before passing into Jinseok. The Linden Moles set up a little roadside rest area. Folks with vehicles can rez them here and then drive Route 9. Or they can just hang out long enough that a car or a Yavapod tour vehicle passes by ... just hop in. Behind the rest area is some abandoned land that still has a riding tortoise rezzer. As the land is now owned by Governor Linden, the scripts no longer work so you'll have to just imagine riding a tortoise. One of the nice things about mainland roads is that many shops along the way have vehicle razzers anyone can use. Well, not Route 9, it seems. Did I mention how dull it has been so far?

Travelling along, I entered a very empty-looking sim called Tong. Apparently it was populated with skyboxes by some rental company. The landscape was very dull. Oddly, way far to the east, people loaded the water sim of Injong with floating houses while there was a ton of land right next door.

The Jumeoni - Yangban border has a pedestrian overpass that appears to have been built by the Brayla Sana company to help promote their products. Still, it's a nice bit and if the road was any sort of busy, it would be a great way to keep safe anyone trying to cross the road. The big purple crystal you see in the pic showed up several times in several regions along the route and has no apparent purpose, but they are pretty.

The next region, Yosu, isn't memorable at all and by the time I crossed into Chindo I was totally bored and frustrated. So I hauled Shelly, my pack snail, over to the side and set up camp. Maybe tomorrow will be more interesting. Maybe I'll go home and try heading West instead. I know there is a nice tunnel under the bay that way ...

And her report stopped there. I've sent her some landmarks if she decides to take a new route but I reminded her that with Mainland, you never know what is around the corner.

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