Tuesday, February 14, 2012

12th of 12 Days in Lingerie

Last post in the Juicy Bomb 12 Days of Lingerie blogger challenge  — Valentine's Day! I hope everyone gets to spend lots of time with their loved one(s) on this special day in Second Life and in Real Life. I know I plan on spending every minute I can with my darling Angela Seale.

But what should I wear? She loves to see me in lingerie but I have so many options to choose from, including some wonderful stuff I just picked up while on the Be My Busty Valentine Hunt. I finally broke down and picked out piece a great piece for this post, a nice corset from Gatherings, and accessorized it to finish the look. But I can't choose between pictures. What a terrible thing, right?

Come to bed, My Love, and I'll tell you about Valentine's Day festivities.

I'm running home with more love, just for you, Angela!!
Lingerie: Gatherings Black/Red Valentine's Corset for Lola's Push-Ups; Vivium Mini Thong (black); LapGirl Fantasy Lace Stockings (black).
Shoes: HOC Suede Sandals
Jewelry: LPP Steampunk Collar (modified with OpenCollar scripts); Wife-made Wedding Ring.
Hair: Fri.day Jasmine in Scornful Red
Skin: Verotic 04 Cybele Skin Sensual Summer
Eyes: Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes - Wasabi

Thanks for putting up with me and my fashion show this last nearly two-weeks. The usual rants and commentary should resume tomorrow. If my wife lets me out of bed, that is *grin*

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