Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Little Peek

Real Life sucks. Well, not all the time. But one way I cope is to log into Second Life, put on a bird avatar, and mindlessly fly about. Another is to go scuba (yes, I know it is supposed to be all caps) diving. Since losing Dive World to the Gods of Lost Sims I've had to create dive areas at the Isle of Lesbos. This week's "featured location" is just such a place. Inside the cave you see in the background is a nice area for mermaids while in the mid-view is an undersea habitat I made, with a common area and three sea-view bedrooms. The fishes, the turtle, and the ship wreck in the left-side foreground are from Splash Aquatics, a wonderful shop and must-see aquarium owned my friend Kaikou Splash. I'll have a feature interview with Kaikou to post here tomorrow if Real Life would stop interfering. He has some amazing new products out now and coming up, but just talking to him is fun in itself.

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