Saturday, February 4, 2012

2nd of 12 Days in Lingerie

I spent so much time building things today (and doing RL stuffs) that I nearly forgot about the 12 Days of Lingerie Challenge on the Juicy Bomb blog. But I didn't want to stop building as it is something a bit important for something coming up soon, so I thought I'd combine both projects. Thus, we have Uccie the Builder in Lingerie!

Setting up some flowers at the Tropical Romance Club at Lesbos. We use a "rezzer" system to the Event Staff can call up themed builds for their events. I'm making this one for Valentine's Day, or there abouts, if someone wants it.
Lingerie: "Allure" bra, panties, garters, stockings, garter belt, and shoes in black from Bad Kitty.
Belt: Steampunk building belt Female v1 by Lucy Rust
Implants: "Pushups" prim breasts from Lolas!
Hair: "Melody" in Red06 from [e].
Skin: "Cybele Skin - Sensual" from Verotic.
Jewelry: Custom earrings by me, Wedding Ring by Angela Seale; Precision-Crafted Pet Collar by [AiTech].

Normally I wear that builder belt with clothes appropriate to construction work or just nude (safety first ... no loose clothes around power tools!!). It was fairly comfy with the frillies, but it did tend to pull the garter belt around a bit.

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