Monday, February 13, 2012

Spirit by Claudia222 Jewell

Bathed in perpetual sunset, Spirit by Claudia222 Jewell at Art Screamer (SLurl) is a magnum opus in mesh. Ms Jewell, well-known for her sculpty work with Farstar New Earth (blogged here) has once again created a surreal world that despite initial impressions is bursting with color. Subtle, yes, but a festival of tones and hues masterfully textured onto some truly fabulous mesh sculptures. The Sacrifice, her 2011 Burn2 installation (blogged here), is an important part of Spirit so look for it in the sim's northeast corner.

The Sacrifice, from Burn2 2011, fits perfectly. Be sure to view it from every angle.
It's hard to move a meter or two in any direction without finding something fantastic, but be sure to look at everything from multiple viewpoints as perspective is an important part of the experience. And since you'll be visiting time and again, I'm sure, be certain to use the Region Default settings World > Sun > Estate Time for best effect at least once. You might see more specific details at high noon, but it won't be the same. All my pictures here were shot with the defaults and unretouched.

The dragons from Farstar New Earth have a home at Spirit.

A Torley alt wearing the free avatar you can pickup when you arrive at the installation.
I found him in one of the several ethereal floaty islands. Islands? More like living creatures.
Normally I'm all about green grass, rainbows, lush foliage, and lots of sunshine. At first glance, this artscape is bleak, somber, and even macabre. If you spend some time and (really, really) look you'll find there is far more. There is life and death and the full cycle in between. This might explain some of my attraction, despite modern art being so far from my usual tastes, the Renaissance and photojournalism being the meat and potatoes of my art world. Spirit is such a polar opposite that I'm baffled by how much I love this installation.

One more picture, the installation at sunset, showing why you need to use the region's Windlight and water settings:

The light is such an important part of the experience.
I could have taken quite a few more pictures. Actually, I did take more, but they are for me. You'll have to go to Spirit and see this magnificent art for yourself. Once you see it, you'll kick yourself for even thinking once about skipping a visit.

Be sure to see Honour McMillan's blog post about this exhibit. She's far more clever about modern and virtual art than I am plus she has some nifty pictures.

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