Sunday, February 5, 2012

3rd of 12 Days in Lingerie

Just as I was falling back to sleep this morning after getting up waayyy early to feed our crying kitty cats, the idea for today's 12 Days of Lingerie blog challenge shoot hit me — The Airstrip at Lesbos with some frilly stripperwear from LapGirl.

Once upon a time I asked (begged? pestered?) Shep Korvin of LapGirl and Lucky Chair fame (he invented the latter, didja know?) if I could be one of his lingerie models and he eventually gave in, letting me model several new outfits. I would have done it even without the free clothes because it was fun and I was certainly narcissistic enough to think I was qualified.

For today's shoot I grabbed the same outfit I first modeled for Shep (see it here) and slipped on the cash-in-the-thong stripper version before leaping on the pole at The Airstrip. Here's what I got in my brief session:

I think that these unretouched images look pretty good. Then again, I'm a narcissist, right?

Lingerie: LapGirl Fantasy Lace (Red)
     There's a black set in my inventory, too. Each has a "peeking nipples" option.
Shoes: AFantasy Color Changing PROM Braid Heels
     These are really old school as I got them like my first week on the Main Grid.
Hair: Sirena Drip (Golden) Blonde Hair
     I love the way it flows when I move.

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