Friday, February 10, 2012

8th of 12 Days in Lingerie

Here's my quick'n'dirty entry in the Juicy Bomb 12 Days of Lingerie Blogger Challenge for today. Let's start with the particulars for once, but annotated:

Shirt: FN "Slut" Stamped Tank Top
Sometimes a girl just has to be obvious and this shirt certainly takes care of that. I have a shirt and panty set in a similar theme also from F*ckin Ninjas, but it distorts with all shapes but my "butch" version which has a fairly smallish chest — 60 on the breast slider in the shape editor. Normally my bust settings slider is at 90 but that is usually my "nude" shape since all regular tops get some distortion, especially ones with text on them. For this shoot I used my "regular" bust shape because it is far more shirt-friendly at 77 on the slider. Of course, I wear "implants" in SL rather often so my "girls" here can be as big as my RL ones.

Panty: Vivium Mini White Thong
After a pleasant chat with a nice gentleman (yes, there are non-neanderthal men in SL) I received a gift of really pretty thongs from him, including the white one in this pic. Since then he's taken some pix of me for his gallery and we plan more shoots in the future.

Hair: Truth "Maddy" Cherry
This style can mean anything — fresh out of bed or teased after a swim or even just fine for a "wild" mood.

Eyes: Eyes Ibanez Fantasy Glow Eyes Wasabi
Haven't mentioned my eyes in previous posts, but if you see me with green ones lately, they are the ones you see here. I have blue and 'plink and demon ones, too. Prim eyes are important in SL these days because if you turn on Shadows, then non-prim eyes turn into milky horrors. It was also handy for this pic because I could edit the position of the open eye so it looked right at the 'camera.' Remember if you move a prim, you should be able to Undo the move (Cmd-Z on a Mac).

Jewelry: [AiTech] Precision-Crafted Pet Collar; custom wedding ring; custom earrings
Most submissives don't seem to be allowed to change their collars, but it is my belief that the sub owns the collar while the Mistress/Master owns the lock and key thus I change my collar at will. Shown is my daily collar but I have a steampunk one that is amazing and a tropical/elven one, too, each I wear fairly regularly. Most of my other nearly dozen collars I own are more for speciality outfits. When I want to feel elegant, I break out the eCollar made by Ephemeral Rainbow. I made my earrings and my SL wife made the wedding ring.

Skin: Curio Acorn Freckled Dark Sunny Pure
"Pure" because I rarely wear makeup in SL and almost never in RL. I haven't bought a tube of lipstick since my junior year in high school. I know. For this outfit I should have worn the deep red lipstick version of this skin. I just don't think about it.

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