Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pixy Clothes

Like bunches of people, I've been getting into this whole "Petite" avatar craze. As seen here, my wee pixy alt has had a micro-sized sculpted avatar for a while, but when a mesh avie was introduced by Yabusaka (in partnership with other creators; SLurl) I had to get one. Like the previous, sculpted avie, though, clothes were hard to come by as only prim-based items could be worn. I had started modding clothes to fit the older avie but switched my efforts over when the new one came out. Today, I modded parts of the Linden Female Gladiator outfit that you can find in your basic inventory.

For this pixy, an iPod Touch would be a very large iPad.
Of course, not all parts of the outfits will work, like the shirt part. But templates are available to add mesh clothes to the mesh body. You can't see it in the picture above, but Zyx is wearing a body suit under he armor. Also of note, her hair is from the same Linden outfit. So if you are looking for clothes to outfit your "petite" avie, look in your inventory. You should find stuff you can modify.

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