Saturday, February 25, 2012

Garden Mole has been busy

Have I mentioned how much I like Mainland or how much I love the Linden Moles? Cruising up Route 1 on a borrowed bicycle yesterday, I passed by a little greenhouse in Clearwing (SLurl), just sitting there and looking pretty. Later I sent my ace gardening assistant and all-round sweet pixy, Zyx Flux, to check it out. Here are her pictures and comments:

"The tiny greenhouse and butterfly house is an adorable addition to Route 1 in Clearwing. Check out the special stained glass windows on the side. They make a great background inside. Outside but not pictured is a picnic table. Various vehicles you can ride pass by pretty regularly and some of the shops along the way loan out bicycles or other vehicles."

"Little water features dot the inside because butterflies get thirsty, you know, and pixies like to cool their feet. The lush foliage is a bit overgrown so maybe I should come back and work for a bit so all the plants can be healthy."

"So many Linden plants artfully arranged demonstrate what a good gardener can do with things everyone has in their basic inventory. I spent a good half-hour inside exploring and had a delightful time. Deffo this place gets a Landmark."
Later she found a Mole Mart up the road and sent along information so I could post about the freebies there on the Lucky Kitty Crew Blog. I really like the Mainland. So much to see and do.

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