Thursday, February 9, 2012

7th of 12 Days in Lingerie

Sometimes a girl is too tired to put her clothes away before crashing in bed.
One of my first thoughts when I started the Juicy Bomb 12 Days of Lingerie Blogger Challenge was a unique set of undies from Bare Rose, the "I'm Home!" set. It is not so much an outfit as it is a set of props and some girly boxer panties. The idea is to rez in-world a prim sweater that matches the undies you choose along with prim jeans and prim socks in the set then use the included pose ball. Initially, my composition was set up like the product advert (see below) — as if I was trailing clothes before I "fell" to the floor, nearly making to the bed. After several test shots, however, I thought that for my bedroom things looked best with me and the sweater on the bed, so above is the final choice out of over half a dozen other shots. As a redhead I don't normally wear pink, but that color out of the set best complimented the purple of the bedroom furniture. And I skipped the pictured shirt as likely I wouldn't have worn one under the sweater in Real Life.

Lingerie: Bare Rose "I'm Home!" Set (L$140 here)
Skin: Curio GP Acorn Sunny Pure Dark Freckles
Hair: *Alice Project* Elsie III - Lucky N-Red 05
Jewelry: Trilobyte Slim Cuffs in Black; [AiTech] Precision-Crafted Pet Collar; custom wedding ring

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