Saturday, February 18, 2012

Mysterious Appearances

The other day I noticed that a few landmarks I had never previously seen were in my Inventory. Obviously someone had sent them to me, either directly or via some sort of giver, but danged if I can recall who or how. Here's where I wound up when looking at them, in no particular order.

San Deigo 3D (SLurl): This is the Balboa Theater in what is probably a re-creation of San Diego, California (USA). Having never been there, I can't be sure. Near by is a landmark giver for other destinations in San Diego. I grabbed one for the Zoo because at least I've heard of the famous RL place with the same name. The girl standing there is SanDiego3d Resident. Maybe they named the place after her.

Under the Sky - by Yooma Mayo - LEA17 (SLurl): Noted explorer, blogger, and gadabout Honour McMillan might have snuck this into my Inventory as she's a big fan of the Linden Endowment for the Arts (LEA) and large-scale virtual art projects. Always be wary around Canadians and other extraordinarily polite people. They have agendas.

Anyway, this artist has special Windlight and Water presets in place so if you visit, make sure you have everything set to the region defaults. Then put on your running shoes because those really are giant ants. More giant bugs are throughout the region and some other impressive art installations are on the adjacent sims.

VC Designs (SLurl): Not sure if this is post-Apocolyptic, another planetscape (there are two moons), or what, but the landing area has some really clever lighting effects and the generally depressing textures are skillfully done throughout. There's shopping and some prize boards. Maybe that's how I got the landmark for this location.


Honour McMillan said...

um, well at least you consider me a polite gadabout :P And don't worry about the agenda, you'll be spared!

Uccello Poultry said...

*wipes her brow* So kind of you to warn me, really. I'm so relieved :D