Monday, February 27, 2012

Zyx's Road Trip

At least one person was pleased with Zyx Flux's report from the road in my recent "Garden Mole has been busy" post and the wee pixy certainly had a grand time so it's been decided that she should head out on the road again and travel the Mainland to see what she can see. Zyx spent the weekend gathering supplies and outfitting a pack animal for her journey. Here's the pictures she sent and her report.

The riding snail I met at Grendel's Children was a bit too big. Actually, a lot too big, but she was able to tell me where I could find a baby to fit my size and was kind enough to give me an old harness and packs to fit her.. A little refurbishing was needed — new leathers, replace the dried out wood anchors, new ropes, and a bit of polish — and Shelly was all set to go. She and I look forward to many happy hours on the road together.

I also added new barrels and other containers, though the chest was in fine shape so I kept it.

Despite appearances, I was dressed in when I took this picture. I fought an alpha-bug during the harness refurbishing. In this view you can see I fashioned a pack blanket to protect the snail's newly buffed shell, using fabric left over from reupholstering the seat. I almost took off the stirrups to save weight, but they cleaned up so well and I had managed to cut 4 prims despite my additions so they stayed. 

Zyx will probably set out later today and I should hear from her tomorrow. With any luck I'll receive daily reports, but having been on many a road trip myself, I know that sometimes its just too much fun to stop and call home.

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