Saturday, May 18, 2013

Bay City's 5th Anniversary - May 19th

There I am, enjoying a sunny Caturday and patiently waiting at the Fairgrounds for the Bay City 5th Anniversary Party, but it starts at about 1:00pm SLT tomorrow (May 19th), after the parade starting in Bay City - Harwich (SLurl) arrives at the Fairgrounds (SLurl). Entertainment will include GoSpeed Racer, Christov Kohnke, Celticmaidenwarrior Lancaster, and Rosedrop Rust. Don't be surprised if other popular groups famous around Second Life show up, too, in addition to some well-known Lindens and LDPW moles. And you know that wherever Marianne McCann goes, fireworks follow.

As you can see from this map (below), there will be several prime viewing places for the lead-up parade. Four groups will leave from the Bandshell and head out toward Route 66 at Noon SLT. The procession should last about half an hour from start to finish.

There's going to be lots of fun for everyone, whether you are a Bay City resident or not, so be sure to drop in before 1:30pm SLT when we are supposed to wrap up things. While you are waiting for the fun to start, check out the LDPW scrapbook about the building of Our Fair City.

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