Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Tradition Continues

A long-time tradition in Second Life seems to be waning, but it certainly isn't dead. "What might that be?" you ask. Away Games, of course! Whenever you encounter someone who is slumped over in the "Away" pose and is tagged as such and the land permits you to build, you are allowed (obligated, some might say) to enhance the appearance of the un-guarded avatar. I've written about Away Games a couple times on this blog (here) and tag such posts with "away" so they are easy to find.

Birdie Linden at center is a prime subject for enhancement by me and Hexapoda Resident (right).
Without explanation, my friend Hexapoda offered to teleport me to her location where she was standing with Birdie Linden in the aforementioned unattended state. Since Birdie might have woken up at any moment, I can understand the rush to have me drop in and immediately we began to plot. While Hexa was working on a mask to add (see it here) I started on my own addition but fought a fast Auto Return that kept us from getting too carried away.

Eventually I managed to add the word AWAY over Birdie's head and set up the Snapshot with all the name tags showing so I could enter the Decorate A Busy Linden game that Ansi Soderstrom started a few years ago. I used my main account but Birdie was Away not Busy so I figure I got 100 points out of this tagging.

When was the last time you decorated an unattended avatar? Feel free to leave URLs in comments to proudly show off your work. I'd love to see what you've done.


Bixyl Shuftan said...

A friend of mind added some anthro-mouse attatchements to another friend resting on a couch, plus a joke sign and a few other florishes. IM me if you want to see the picture she took. ;-)

Bixyl Shuftan said...

A friend once added on some anthro-mouse attatchments to someone resting on her park bench, making him into a "Furry" mouseboy. She also added some other flourishes such as a sign "Will work for Disney World Tickets." IM me inworld if you want to see the picture she sent me.

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Bixyl! I'd love to see the snap sometime.