Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Meme: My Three SL Wishes

This week Strawberry Singh setup "My Three SL Wishes" for her meme challenge and wrote very eloquently about her desires. My first thoughts were very shallow and simplistic compared to her lofty wishes. Be sure to check out her thoughts here and I'll wait for you.

Ready? Go back and read them again if you want because I'm not sure I'm entirely ready. I had to think over night and I really don't feel as if I'm completely free of my comparatively simple mindset ... still thinking about nit-picky viewer changes or things that would for the most part benefit me and few others. Keeping in mind the inherently ephemeral nature of wishes, here are three that I'll commit to for now.

The Isle of Lesbos is BACK! I wish *sigh* ... If I could afford it, I'd bring back the Isle. It was home to so many women over the years; a safe haven and a family. More than likely there are many fine places similar to the Isle, but I have trouble bringing myself to even search for them because the Isle meant so much to me. Increasing responsibility helped me gain confidence, let me exercise my creative side, and made me interact with other people, thus building my social skills. Bonus? I have to admit that it was a real treat to have full run of the place, doing pretty much what I wanted regardless of the prim count. And need I point out that I met my SL wife there? We've been together for many years thanks to the Isle. Of course, there's the enduring friendships, too, particularly with my "sister" Threshin and her innumerable alts.

An end to lag is a big wish! That's not likely to happen. I've done what I can afford to do so as to reduce client-side lag and in a couple years, provided Second Life is still around, I'll likely try to upgrade my computer one more time in effort to do my part. Sadly, there are so many people, I'm sure, who try Second Life, get hit with lag, and leave, not knowing that they have at least some control. Of course, primary control rests with The Lab. They've tried educating Residents in the best ways to reduce lag (such as using the right size texture for a build) but it doesn't always work. Incompetent builders and Residents that insist on having hugely laggy avatars are a  major problem. Maybe it is time to revisit how the world is built behind the scenes ... new rendering engines, a more efficient script language, and a better way to handle textures and traffic loads.

If only my pixy alt, Zyx Flux, was real. I logged her in the other day ... the first time in a while ... and it was refreshing to be this little free spirit again. Like many Residents, when I log in as a different "character" (AKA Alt) a new part of me comes out. I'm still me, but she's a different part of me. It is so hard to describe. I just sat here staring at the picture above for several minutes while writing this post at a loss for words, unable to express what it is like. Being blue, by the way, totally rocks. I'm seriously thinking of changing Uccello to be blue, too, if I could find a way to match my mesh hands/feet to my pixy skin (most of my characters have the same blue skin that Zyx has in their inventories). There is something to be said for Pixy Power!

Only three wishes? There are a number of viewer enhancements I could think of, bits of land I'd like to own, skills I would love to have, and .... well, I could use unlimited wishes. But who couldn't? What are your top three (for now)? Let me know in comments here or use comments to point to your blog so I can visit.


Anonymous said...

I don't think your wishes are simplistic at all :) The beauty of Second Life is we all get to live it as we see fit. I think we all have a place we would love to have return to SL, not just for the place itself, but for the lovely memories created there.

I think your wishes will hit home with most SL residents. Thank you for sharing yours :)

Strawberry Singh said...

There are a couple of sims that have disappeared that I was also very attached to. One of the firsts was where I made the majority of my friends and I do miss that friendly environment. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find it again anyplace else. So I understand your first wish and why you feel the way you do about it. I hope one day it does come true for you. Thanks for participating. <3