Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Super Hero Topless Tuesday!

Topless Tuesday seems pretty trivial a day after the Boston Marathon bomb attack. Certainly most of my readership doesn't live close enough to be affected by the incident, but I'm about an hour north of Beantown so the TV and radio coverage is non-stop. FedEX, UPS, and airlines are reporting service disruptions for the region as packages undergo more scrutiny and travel routes are monitored. It goes without saying that many locals were at the annual event so it is hard to not have at least tertiary contact.

The terrorist(s) – and it is terrorism even if it is just one person setting off a bomb as part of a pointless argument – win a point for this round, but we can't kowtow to them by letting this permanently curtail our lifestyles. So become a superhero by overcoming despair. Celebrate Topless Tuesday, go to lunch, meet with friends, play with your kids –– continue your life or else the bastards win more than one round.

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