Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Post, Another Meme

No, no, no, I haven't been blogging much. No time, thanks to Real Life. Serious stuff, but I won't bother you with it. Suffice to say I've found some time today and wouldn't you know, I learned about a new meme-challenge from Strawberry Singh: 10 SL Firsts. Read her's here but first check out mine ...

My first best friend in SL is Threshin Barnett. We would get in synch so much that often we'd meet for the day and find that we were dressed alike.
01. First SL Friend: To keep things simple, I'll stick with the current Uccello Poultry "character" on the Main Grid. Really, I started SL on the Teen Grid and remember quite a few people from there, few of which, however, actually transitioned to the Main Grid.

CC Columbo, my brother, in Nangrim waaaayyyy back in the day. Graphics were so bad that the grass wouldn't rez as green. This was probably 2008 when we had about 1024 square meters or so between us – enough for a nice pond. Eventually, we owned about 3/4 of the region before selling out to a Brazillian casino days before gambling was banned. But we are back and you can visit us any time (SLurl).
Of course, I met up with my brother, CC Columbo, right away and begged him to let me have a Premium account so I could have my own land. No dice, but he did let me let me set my home to his land in Nangrim (this spot, to be precise). I met a few people there including Dusty Jamberoo whom I still know today.

02. First SL Kiss: That would be Kala, my brother's SL girlfriend at the time. Yes, I know *facepaw* I had taken her to the Isle of Lesbos to show her around and she kissed me. We didn't go any further than that, but it was a funny parallel to an RL situation that won't ever be discussed again.

Wow ... didn't think I had any pictures of Mary left since the PC crashed and we switched to Macs. Sadly, the backup discs won't work with the Mac so everything is gone.
03. First SLex time/place/partner: Mary. I think. It was so long ago now. The first opportunity I had though, was with a gay male neighbor in Nangrim. Long story made short ...

I started my Main Grid existence as a male because I didn't want to deal with men hitting on me. Actually, at that point, I still hated (yes, hated) almost all men (family excepted) in general due to my RL experience with them. So I was chatting with a guy with land next to ours when he invited me into his gypsy caravan and tried to make out with me. Yep. He was gay. I didn't even have an AO at that point. I was less than a week old. Very next chance I got I flipped the "gender" switch in the shape editor and went shopping.

04. First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Mary, and I'm sure now. She left me without telling me, having started up a relationship with someone else. That lasted about two weeks and she tried to come back. HA! Fat chance. Still, she was special.

Angela and I go steampunk now and then.
Today, I'm married to the wonderful Angela Seale. We've been together since September 2007.

05. First SL Job: Modeling, what else?!? Back in the day, one's first job was either modeling or dancing (read: Hooker). I didn't get paid as I modeled stuff for my brother's shop. I've done some modeling since for Bare Rose (I won a contest where the prize was to model one outfit), LapGirl, and various art photographers (read: nudes!).

Many regular readers know I also worked at the Isle of Lesbos. As I joke I used to run about with a "Threshin's Secretary" tag as if I was the Isle manager's 2nd banana. One day Threshin Barnett gave me the Isle Secretary role. To that point I had been a Jill-of-All-Trades for the Isle, though my first real work there (and my first for-pay work anywhere) was as an event hostess.

06. First SL Creation: A cube. It is a tradition I started ... rez a cube and date it then stuff it away somewhere safe ... whenever I create an avatar. After that? The first real thing I made was a set of earrings.

Meeting with Zed Linden about blogging for The Lab.
07. First Encounter with a Linden: That's hard to remember. I really don't know, but I am happy to say I have a few as friends now. And Moles!!

I was so excited to "meet" Vint Falken once though she wasn't really there. I sent this pic to her and she sent back a nice IM. We conversed once in a while but never became friends. She's the first SLebrity that comes to mind when I thought about point #08 below but she wasn't the "first" well-known resident I'd met to that point.
08. First Encounter with an SLebrity: I guess everyone is a SLebrity in one circle or another, but if you define it as "a big name most people know" I'd have to say Janeforyou Barbara, the owner of the Isle of Lesbos. She was one of the forces behind the early LGBT community in SL having created the first resort for women in SL.

I see Miss Jane, Shilo, Eveie, Threshin, Me, Mousra, Aryon, and many more here.

09. First SL Sim you fell in love with: Really hard to say. I've always been a Mainland girl, but the Isle of Lesbos was the first Estate-type sim I fell in love with .... relaxing, beautiful, no male pressures, and wonderful women who became my SL family.

10. First SL Blog Post:
I've had many blogs prior to this one. In fact, I just finished deleting one so I could start afresh. What i would like to do with this blog is report on things i do in what seems to be my primary life, the Second Life™ world (*SL). So this won't be so much about me as about who I am through what I do and where I go.
That is how I started "Another Attempt," my first post on The Poultry Report on April 24, 2008.

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You've lived a very colorful slife. It was a pleasure to read all about it, especially with all the pictures to go with it. Thank you so much for participating!