Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The SL Pet Peeves Meme!

The renowned Strawberry Singh is out with a new meme: SL Pet Peeves. Read her's here and look for your favorite Second Life bloggers to give their own lists, too. Here's mine, starting with a Topless Tuesday pic. Yes, I'm mixing memes, but I am a professional.

1. Inappropriate use of Full Bright. Once in a while it is a handy feature. The HUD frame I used for the pic above is set to Full Bright. Most HUDs look better that way. Whole buildings DON'T! Plants DON'T! Most jewelry doesn't. Outdoor signs like on a building can benefit from this feature but Full Bright needs to be modified to allow gradations to be of real use.

2. The Camera Controls don't allow fine adjustments when graphics quality is increased or when additional graphics features are turned on. For this photo, for example, I had to turn off Lighting and Shadows to use the Camera Controls then turn on eye candy again shoot.

3. Residents that assume all conversations must be in Instant Message. Really? If I'm within 5 meters of you, talk to me in Main Chat as if we were near one another in Real Life. And let me include my wife in this ... she will mix the two even if we are alone anywhere other than in our apartment. Yes, yes, you wanna say something naughty and suggestive, I understand, Ange, but whisper it maybe? I get real confused since the strokes trying to follow one conversation in several places. And this goes for the rest of you, too, 'cept for the naughty bits. That's a no-no unless I start it.

4. The Viewer. Really, I do miss the slide-out panes for Inventory, Outfits, etc, and if I can't have them back then I want the friggin' windows to remember where I last put them. I prefer the Official Viewer to any Third Party Viewer, but that doesn't mean I like it 100%. A few items in my March 20 post on this blog mentioned the viewer a few times along with other things I want in Second Life.

5. Inventory permissions need to let me give away my stuff. If I buy a blouse iRL and decide I don't like it after a while, I can sell it or give it away. Why can't I do that iSL? Yes, some articles of clothing will let me do that, but I think all items should be transferable. Of course, all things would be No Copy (if the creator chooses). The Residents should start a serious debate on this subject.

But, this is only Tuesday. Tomorrow I might have other peeves. If my wife whispers just the right naughties to me I have no peeves at all. You can be sure, though, that I'll feature any future pet peeves on this blog, so keep reading.

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Quibbler said...

You actually miss the slide-out inventory from viewer 2? You must be the only one. That was like the biggest complaint when they introduced it.

Personally I hate the color scheme of the viewer It is way too dark. Besides being all dark and ugly, I prefer the standard LL viewer too.

You aren't going to win the transfer fight. The creators can make copy+trans. Most choose to make copy/no-trans because of asset servers eating things.

Sorry but my hair is full-bright. I want to make it not but it just looks wrong when I do that.