Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flufee Strikes Again

I really, really don't know why I did it. After an offline email from FLUFEE Infostream from inside Second Life, I picked up the free Talking Flufee Soundbox iOS app (it's available for Android, too). I keep so few very silly apps and certainly I've never had a so-called "fart app" on any device –– until now. That middle button on the screen shot you see below? It makes Flufee stand up and fart.

But I get ahead of myself. You might know this little critter from the all over Second Life. He gets around and almost everyone who sees him takes a snap for the My SL feeds. Or you may have seen the Flufee on Meshion show on Draxtor Despres's YouTube feed (here). Or you might have bought a Dirty Lynx Flufee "tribute" avatar from Loki Dancer (Tribute because there is only one actual Flufee) in-world or on the Marketplace. I did, and that's how I got the notice. Flufee keeps a customer database.

So now I have a dancing, noise-making Flufee on my iDevice. Apparently he talks, too, but since I don't talk I'll have to wait for my brother to come home and show the feature to me (I'm guessing that's what the mic does, but when I tap it Flufee just sits there). Yes, I spent the 99-cents for the in-app upgrade so I can avoid adverts and unlock special features. You can preview the extras 15 times before needing to pay to keep them so you can change outfits, atmospheres, and then some for free.

Is this fun? Jury is still out. I've tried it on my cats (they don't react to anything but Real Life thunder) and I know better than to bother mom with it. But it is kinda cool to see the Flufster dancing. Check out this video to see a sample then think about getting the app for yourself. Who knows ... the SL/App Store relationship just might help save Our World from the on-going decline that so many virtual pundits are crying about.

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