Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Three Breast System

Topless Tuesday got me to thinking ...

A woman's breast size in Second Life is in contention nearly as often as whether she really is a woman or not but it usually aligns itself along the lines of whether one believes an avatar is an idealized character or faithful representation of the Real Life typist. You may recognize the debate more in terms of child avatars, furries, and other non-human or non-adult groups. More subtle is the frequent confrontations over appearance (Read: Fashion Police).

Actual "live" picture that often
appears in my SL Profile.
As a Real Life woman of somewhat excessive mammarian proportions as seen in the picture at the left, I've almost always kept the SL breast size sliders almost maxed. And a couple years ago my wife bought a set of Lola's Pushup "Implants" for me to wear so I could be closer to my RL proportions. Despite the clothing headaches and the inability to get a really good blending between avatar and prims, I wore them with some frequency.

Then came along a love of mesh clothing and the need for "standardized" shapes so bits of me wouldn't bulge out all over thus I had to reduce the size of My Girls. I justified it somewhat by taking a cue from RL – stuffing them in clothing can make them look smaller so that's what I figured SL was like – walking around with E-Cup boobs smooshed into a D-Cup dress and being so uncomfortable that when I'd get home I'd have to take them out to breathe. Just like RL. Then I'd wear a bustier shape whenever I was nude or at least topless so the lie was fairly acceptable. The difference between the implants and the so-called Standard breasts is quite dramatic, though, and it seemed pretty silly to wear the prims at times. Still, I did make it into the Busted Magazine 2012 Calendar as Miss May and then into a feature for the November 2012 issue (pages 112-115).

After taking the plunge into mesh clothing I went for mesh feet and later mesh hands, both from SLink (SLurl). Like the Lola's, the match between skins and prims wasn't easy. I got as close as I could, but when SLink announced that skin makers could use an "applier" system to match their product to the mesh bits, I started shopping for new skins. A secondary goal of mine was to buy a new set of implants, the Lola's Tangos, that used the applier concept, too. I hadn't planned on wearing them often, but in for a penny, in for a few more pounds (big breasts are heavy, according to my back).

Lo and Behold! After setting up all the mesh bits with the new skins (Unbra's Indigo C62; SLurl) I bought, I found myself wearing the implants pretty often. Partly, it was because I ran through the Hello Titty prize hunt gathering a ton of nice, free clothes and nearly an equal amount of purchases so I just had to wear them all (cripes, but SL has made me so femme despite my RL butchness).

That's when I stopped caring about size. Well, not entirely. I still love my Big Girls and I still love a good-sized "rack" on other women both iRL and iSL, but I wasn't going to give up on my mesh clothes. And some of the implants outfits looked better with a larger (or smaller) size than I would normally choose. So I decided "to heck with it" and relaxed. I'll wear whatever breast size I want for whatever outfit I'm wearing or whatever mood I'm in at the time. So here's my Three Breast System.

Mesh-friendly "small" breasts. Depending on the skin I choose, the shading can make them look fuller, but essentially they are on the D-Cup side. Also great for "system" shirts, particularly t-shirts with graphics. The smaller size keeps the texture from bunching in the cleavage. Oddly enough, I and my two alts that share this shape get hit on at least as often as my bustier versions. These Girls also don't get comments from the Fashion Police and look good with a little physics bounce.

My Daily Big Boobs are closer to my RL cup size and far more gravity defiant, but they look strange in most system clothing and don't fit 99% of my mesh clothes. Still, I think I did a nice job shaping and I'd be just as happy if I was this size in Real Life. I'd estimate them to be a firm (pun intended) DD-Cup despite not being maxxed on the sliders.

Break out the Tangos! You've seen some women with ridiculously-sized implants (in both worlds) I'm sure, but these are only 5% larger than the out-of-box size. As mentioned above, some outfits look better if the breast size is increased,  but I almost never go above 10% bigger than the original and for some outfits I'll go as much as 10% smaller ... which puts them at the size of my Daily Big Boobs, but with a perkier shape.
That's my Three Breast System. If you do the math, it's more like six breasts, but then we're getting silly and just having this many is hard enough work. The viewer's Saved Outfits feature makes the math easier. I have each "size" set up as a nude/dressable base will all the attachments I need so I just have to wear that then find some clothes. Of course, I've saved complicated outfits and costumes regardless of which breasts they include, but having the three bases sure makes it easy to get dressed in the mornings. Well, those days I actually dress.

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