Monday, April 14, 2014

Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation

Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation in Bay City – Dennis.
Chief Gardner Zyx Flux is pictured at the street-side door.
The Bay City Arboretum of Rather Atypical Vegetation (SLurl) is now open, according to Chief Gardener Zyx Flux. "Some lilies I ordered haven't arrived and I still need to label the exhibits, but frankly I can't lock the door so we might as well open now," she said. "I wouldn't touch the plants too much, though. Nothing very dangerous here right now, but the selection will rotate."

When asked about the frequent appearance of mole holes about the property Miss Flux declined to give details but said "filling them in is almost constant work. If you see one, don't try to climb into it as you don't know where you might wind up. And don't feed any moles you see."

Operating hours for the Arboretum are eleven, three, seven, and nine. All other times are in minutes and seconds. Parking and admission is free. There are no restroom facilities.


Dante Mikado said...

Haha, slyly written and enticing. Gave me some nice chuckles this morning!

Uccello Poultry said...

Thanks, Dante!