Friday, April 18, 2014

Side-by-Side Boobs

Today as I was trying on a tasty latex outfit that my wife bought for me, boobs were on my mind. When aren't they, really? In Real Life I wake up every morning with the weight of my two cats on my chest and twice that if they are actually on me at the time.  Then in Second Life, each and every shirt/dress decision has to involve which of my breast choices looks best. Take the latex in question as an example:

From Left-to-Right: System breasts (slider at 58); bigger System breasts (slider at 80); Lola's Tangos Mirage breasts; and Lola's Tangos breasts. Outfit: Liquid Mind ZG-0256
As often as not, Primplants (as I call them) are a trade-off with some clothes – quality of shape and size at the cost of the top's texture being oddly distorted. In some instances such as this one from Liquid Mind, the fit has to be near perfect for the edges to line up (this is greatly affected by your avatar's pose at any given moment) and the lighting has to be just right, ideally with Advanced Lighting in effect. The latter caveat is frustrating because even if you can use it, others might not be able to so they see the odd differences between the texture on the prims and the System layer clothes. Of course, you see yourself from behind anyway so it is rather pointless for you in most cases.

Then there's the translucent bits. Look very close at the image on the far right and you'll see where the prims meet the body inside the translucent latex area. It's the spotty area. Even in perfect lighting this can be obvious when an alpha layer is involved.

On the whole, I like the bigger System breasts, second from the left, with this outfit. The cleavage enhancer of the UnBra skin helps with the illusion that the clothes are pushing my girls together and compressing them to the confined space. This option also avoids much of the unpleasantness of the translucent portion fighting with the skin underneath (See that line under the breasts? Hint to makers: Provide an implants option top where the texture from the system shirt is erased from that area.)

So I saved the version I like but I kept copies of the Primplants in case the need arises. I wear so little latex (despite owning so much) that I don't know when that might be, but "With great cleavage comes great responsibility," (Jamie "The Rack" McJack quote) so I like to be prepared.

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