Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Differences are Skin Deep

While patiently waiting in my Lo-Lag avatar to enter a full region I decided I didn't really like her looks. Her shape/face changes whenever my default "Basic Me" shape/face changes and frankly what I have now doesn't suit her skin. With just system clothes (an old freebie T-shirt from Truth and some cutoff denims from Coco) and the Tuty's "Lou" Chocolate skin that has a thin layer of hair on the head, system eyes (actually the attractive Ibaneze "Almondine" set) and only a de-scripted collar for jewelry (nope ... no Magellan Detector Ring and no wedding ring as they have scripts) my Lo-Lag avatar is a model of efficiency. Recent changes to my face when I re-skinned with sets from unBra and The Skinnery made the Tuty's skin look odd.

SL wasn't letting me change eyes and for continuity I simply tinted the hair from blonde.
I started with the ears since normally I keep them super tiny to help out the elf ear effect on my usual avatar then I went for the eyes. Mostly tweaks on the under-eye area and the corners, but they were slightly embiggened, too. The "Sasha" skin from The Skinnery looks better with a bit more baggage under the eyes, pun or not.

Then the nose. It's not easy to pick your nose. The controls don't seem very fine to me and, of course, the skin shading makes a world of difference. I look at my nose from the front and it looks fine but then it looks odd from the side. If I fix one look it breaks the other and a broken nose is no fun at all.

Without touching cheeks, jowls, chin, forehead, or any of the other myriad of options I started on the mouth. On my current shape the ends are very pointy regardless of skin, partly because I have the corners point up a skosh so I'm always smiling a bit. It doesn't really work most of the time. The adjusted lips might be a bit too full on my usual skin but I think they look great on the Tuty's skin. Simply changing the mouth has had a profound effect on the rest of my lower face. It seems fuller and longer, two settings I didn't touch.  Who knows how the mouth will look on the other eight or so other skins I often wear.

I might know, later, when I log in again after today's maintenance that made this whole process rather arduous. Stupid me, I'll probably wind up with shapes/faces for each of my regular skins, further inflating my Inventory count and confusing me when I get dressed. Of course, I should consult my wife. She has to look at me more than I do, after all, so that's only fair.

What do you think? I'd love to read your comments. Just tack them on below.


Dante Mikado said...

I love Tuty! Especially the "after." The lips and nose are perfect on her. I like short hair and she also wears that we'll. "It's not easy to pick your nose." - - hahaha, good one. :-)

Uccello Poultry said...

My Alt from India wore this Tuty's skin for a long time but was teased by other "Indians" for being so dark. I researched and apparently lighter skins are so favored that people actually undergo cosmetic bleaching. She now has a lighter skin from Tuty's and still looks fabulous.