Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Hide the Pride

A new build (semi-secret) for the Isle of Lesbos. Can't give all the details, but hopefully it will see use fairly soon. Some bugs plagued it's construction, though. As mentioned in other posts on this blog, bits would change perms when taken into Inventory or rezzed from inventory. For example, if a No Mod prim is linked to a set and the set is then changed to Mod then taken into Inventory it becomes No Mod upon being rezzed. Upon unlinking all prims and changing the perms of each the problem sometimes reoccurs.

Scripts seem to be the issue, particularly ones that are No Mod despite other aspects of the prim or it's contents are full perms. I've got to create my own pose scripts. Script Me! (Web) won't work for that, nor will Scratch for SL (Web). I'm just going to have to hit the LSL Wiki (Web) and learn something, I guess.

Another possible bug is visible if you look at the extreme left of the image. It looks like an astigmatism. This pic and another with a similar issue were taken with the Release Candidate Viewer's internal snapshot tool. Only object with Glow are affected, but not all of them. In fact, only the big rainbow shows that it has Glow. Other similarly enhanced elements appear to be lifeless. Looks like I'll be searching the JIRA (Web) for like issues. I rather like it, though, and hope that eventually there will be a way to replicate it in-world.

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