Thursday, March 5, 2009

Choices, Tweaks, and Mistakes

One of my most recent projects is 99.999% ready to box up and deliver. All I need is an independent eye to look at things because each time I've declared it "done" I've found something that didn't quite work. For example, the area greeter was originally set to recommend that visitors set the "day" to Midnight (the bottom inset pictured at left) for best viewing. Then I tried it. Not good.

So I destroyed the delivery box, changed the recommendation to Sunrise (top inset), reboxed it, and found that I didn't change everything as I should have. Twice. So I sent a message to the project manager "can you take a look" and left the build in place. Then I saw everything looks better during Sunset (middle inset) from another angle.

Everything looks okay when the environment is adjusted to Midday, maybe marginally better than Midnight, but at this point maybe I'm being too picky. I could save two scripts and five prims by ditching the recommendations all together, but then I'd find something else to tweak.

Take my planet ... please!

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