Friday, March 27, 2009

Tester Bots are Really Gorgeous

Many moon ago some Lab "grid monkeys" started to regularly visit the Isle of Lesbos. Coming on the heels of a torrent of visits from bots run by a now defunct art community we figured that Performance* Tester (where* is a number; all avies with the last name Tester are Lab-operated) was just another invasion. All were the basic male avie, often wearing a popgun. So we ejected and banned them.

Then I had a conversation with the Linden behind the bots and found out the purpose of the visits. We stopped ejecting and banning the bots and actually use them as a bell-weather for grid performance. And per my suggestion, the avie was changed from a male form to something in a marked box so as to not raise the ire of those not tolerant of noob men. Later when gray "Ruth" avies were replaced with amorphous clouds the Tester series was made to stick to a cloud form.

Or were they? I was in a shop the other day when, despite the region being at capacity 99.99% of the time, a Tester showed up and triggered the Profile Pic Greeter. I looked up and saw this beautiful woman. "Hmmf," I thought. "Performance5 is never this hot when he .. erm .. she .. is on Lesbos!" I'm sure it was really a combination of lag and the lack of a profile pic for any Tester (except Torley Tester). But I think if the Lab would take time to make all their bots look like this woman, I'm sure she'd be welcome anywhere.

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