Monday, March 23, 2009

Nice Textures

Part of me wants to cry. I just dropped a bundle (okies, L$320 for this trip) at Tatty's Textures (SLurl), buying more than I needed for a couple up-coming projects. The textures are excellent quality and just L$5 each so there is nothing to cry about there. But I need to start charging for these things I build or charging more. But it is soooo much fun to make things!

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Uccello Poultry said...

Yes, this is a similar shirt to the one in the "Am I Cute & Innocent?" post. I was going to collect more but a woman IMd me the other night from some near-by foliage to tell me that the shirt was soooo turning her on that she was watching me and pleasuring herself.

If this wasn't a "family" blog I'd tell you about the IM I got one night when I was in my girl centaur avie.