Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Happy Hippos

Seawolf Monsters (SLurl) has hippo avies! These fabulous beasties are well-crafted in the tradition of the Seawolf dragons (Web) and given away free in hopes you will support the drive to keep deformations (Web) by voting for the Allow Deformations by Reading Position Information in BVH Files/Animations JIRA (Web). Technically, deformations are a bug in Second Life that creators have exploited to create some fabulous avatars. And thank goodness for them. Here I am with Shilo (on the right) cavorting near Waterhead after dressing our hippos. Without the bug we would have had to cavort as ourselves! Sure, that would have been fun, too, but being hippos made it even more fun. Go get yours and vote vote vote!

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