Sunday, June 7, 2009

SL6B: Opinions, please

If you've seen my SL6B Flickr stream you may have seen panels in build that were textured with images of attractive models and celebs. These are being replaced with images of the Isle properties (as shown above on the right side panel), informational graphics about the LGBT culture, and portraits of people connected to the Isle. Each will cycle textures (probably) and the LGBT panels will be clickable for further information. I need opinions, however, on whether the portraits should be full-color or black & white. A sort of compromise could be met, too, by toning the latter style, probably "selenium" to contrast all the orange in the build.

Please leave a comment on this post or Plurk users can reach me here.


Jack said...

I like the color, personally.

Peter Stindberg said...

I would opt for monochrome. There is a more interesting way to achieve monochrome images other than selectiong "greyscale" in the image processing software.

Convert the photo to L*a*b colorspace, then go to the color layers and delete the a and b layers and keep only the L layer (for lightness). The result is a greyscale image again, but it has more "depth" to it.

Contact me if you have problems with the process - but the results will be more vibrant.